Costa Rica Tidbits

I thought a post showing some things we’ve seen and experienced might be fun. First, so far, no sloths or snakes sighted, but many other creatures and things! This Toucan was eating berries from the tree outside a restaurant patio we were sitting at. I zoomed in with the phone, so not great quality.

This is KC Hotel’s restaurant and pool area. Brian stayed here overnight after arriving from Canada. The nonsmoking room smelled like an ashtray, but as you can see, the outdoor area is nice. This sort of dining is also very safe from the perspective of getting COVID, colds, flus, RSV, and whatever else is floating around these days.

It’s also a very pleasant way to dine, honestly, rather than living in air conditioning.

This is the frog that slept above Adriana’s workstation one night. When it woke up, it stared at me for awhile.

And this, obviously, are Brian and Adriana.

Some folks are wondering about houses in Costa Rica – what they are like. Below is a video of the house we stayed in in Platanillo, which is a few hundreds metres above Dominical, a small beach town. It is cooler here than Dominical, but still…hot. It’s a nice house. The quality is comparable to a luxury Canadian house.

Here’s a link to a video of the house:

Gordanza hiked to the Nauyauca waterfalls, which are beautiful. The trek was ~4km each way – which is not that long, about an hour – but the heat and humidity almost did us in. Here’s us on the way there. We were sweating, as you can see….

The waterfall was worth the visit, though! Here are the upper falls, followed by the lower falls.

Upper Nauyaca Falls

The beach at Manuel Antonio has a well-deserved reputation for being beautiful. Navide visited and sent this video – hardly any people!

And Navide saw monkeys at the beach!

And a monkey in the restaurant!

And finally, here we all are on the beach at Dominical at sunset – pretty spectacular!

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  1. Kathryn Rhodes
    November 27, 2023

    Fantastic update Brian! Makes me feel almost as if I am there! So far, it looks like a great vacation. Can’t
    wait to hear more! Miss you both.

  2. Alejandra Romero
    November 30, 2023

    Hola beautiful people! Gracias por compartirnos sus choco aventuras. ☺️ It’s fantastic to hear about your adventures in Costa Rica. The photos are absolutely beautiful! It warms my heart to see you all so happy and together, especially when we’re bundled up here in chilly Canada! . It’s clear that this move has brought such a beautiful glow of happiness and excitement to your lives. Your blog posts have also painted Costa Rica in such a fascinating and inviting light, catching a plane in the next few🤩😉
    Take care, continue embracing the warmth, exploring, and sharing your wonderful adventures. Sending all our love and warm wishes your way.
    I can’t wait to hear more about your amazing journey in this new chapter of your lives.
    We eagerly await your future posts! Stay happy and blessed, cheers to your Costa Rican adventure!

  3. Janey
    January 5, 2024

    Thank you Brian for this blog!!!! Incredible!!!!!! Soooooo very happy for the Gorganza’s!,,,,, I’m almost speechless reading it all and seeing your videos. Thank you for inspiring and sharing this awesome life pursuit.

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