Welcome to The Way Home

We humans have lost our way – or more accurately, have been led astray by fundamentally flawed and corrupt individuals and the institutions and systems they have put in place. The Way Home is for those who have realized this and wonder what the hell we can do about it, if anything.

So this newsletter and blog are for people who see the problems, are mad as hell about it, but don’t know what to do. The reality is that only a tiny percentage of people cause almost all the problems, especially the huge ones. This blog is about how sociopaths dominate our world and what we can do about that. If we eliminate them, most of our problems go away.

I make no claims to be an expert in a particular field. What I do is seek out those who are, or claim to be, then validate the legitimate experts and toss the dross. That’s exceptionally hard to do today. There are so many Internet-enabled grifters combined with the corruption of mainstream journalism, that it is very difficult for the average person to know who to believe.

I learned to do this years ago when I started looking into global warming in 2004. It was terribly confusing: I’d read an article in reputable media, or what I thought was reputable because it was mainstream, and it would say global warming is bunk in a convincing way. Yet there were many scientists saying it was a serious problem. Who to believe?

Call me a slow learner, but I did eventually figure out to listen to the scientists and not the media. The people yelling ‘fake news’ are not wrong – there is a lot of it. What I did was learn who to trust – not just any and all scientists, but those acknowledged experts in the field whose forecasts actually lined up with reality.

For global warming, now referred to as climate change, unfortunately the more ‘extreme’ science voices have proved to be the most accurate. If you are familiar with the projections from the IPCC, we are consistently tracking to the worst-case scenarios, which leads us to the end of civilization and a large-scale die-back of humans. That is not hyperbole – that’s our direction and it becomes more undeniable every day.

But wait, there’s worse. Many governments have been also gaslighting their citizens about the COVID pandemic by pretending it’s mild or even ‘over.’ Same with inequality, which grows worse by the day and is fuelling right-wing extremism. Same with our economic system: largely unregulated capitalism is accelerating the climate crisis, inequality, and corruption of our democracy. Our political elites are pretty comfortable and want no change to the status quo, meaning their privilege, but change is coming whether we want it or not. Back in 2006 I said we needed a World War II level-of-effort to retool the economy – make it green – or civilization would collapse by 2030. I wish I could say time has tempered my prediction and I still hope I’m wrong.

Consider this: Imagine we had systems in place to prevent people like Putin, Trump, Bolsonaro, Johnson, Modi, Erdogan, and so on and on from obtaining power. There would be no war in Ukraine. The USA would not be teetering on the edge of autocracy – pathocracy. The Amazon rainforest would not be dying, and so on. This blog is about sociopaths, the damage they do to us, and what to do about it.